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What Can We Do for You?

07-03-2016   Our Consultancy ( which has won the rating the “Best of…” for the past eight years!!)  is based on knowledge management and implementation; the sharing of information, finding and securing commitment on financial support as required, and assuring clear understanding with our clients on IT, controls, development, and revenue. Our history includes running highly successful projects.  We […]

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Cloud Mistake

Cloud Deployment Errors: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

05-27-2016    Moving systems to the cloud is not an easy decision for most companies. Time and cost are two of the biggest factors, but even after the decision has been made, there are other deployment issues that you need to keep in mind. A mistake during cloud migration can mean valuable data loss and a […]

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4 Hidden Costs

The 4 Hidden Costs of Starting Your Own Business

As much as we wish it were true, profit just doesn’t fall into our laps by happenstance. We find ways to make it happen. And we don’t just create alternatives and then leave you to make them happen. We can craft the plan, and help you execute it, too.

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Marketing Partnerships
Marketing Partnerships: What Works and Why

06-23-2016  Marketing partnerships are one of the best opportunities a company has for maximizing i…

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Did I–or Did I Not– Just Purchase an Airline?

07-19-2016   When a major business news network reported that our Consultancy had purchased an air…

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Alan Head Shot c
Summer Scams. Beware, Job Applicants

07-19-2016   It’s the silly season; that season when job scammers emerge from the woodwork s…

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The Importance of Editing

07-22-2016  Just how important is it to have your written work edited and reviewed to assure you ma…

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Media Interaction

Linked Media Hits

07-06-2016  PRINT AND LINKED MEDIA COMPILATION.   Updated with new content as appropriate.  Ch…

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