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The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc fosters positive growth and development. We help clients achieve their highest goals and demonstrate positive opportunities for change.

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    consult operations

    Consultancy advice is based upon the sharing of information, finding financial support for you as and when needed, and assuring Clients share a clear understanding on key areas of business functions.

    In operations, for those seeking success, there can simply be no "second class." The Consultancy helps chart the pathway and highlights the importance of these clear points in business to our clients.

    Just as a resume highlights the attributes of a person, your commitment to your business is demonstrated by your actions to preserve and grow capital and intellectual property.

    In our Bast Holdings Group, we're looking at programmable algorithms and their integration into a variety of services and operations, both B2G and B2B. Our immediate uses include algorithm-based corporate ownership utilizing a rules-based presence, and we do not foresee a sensate presence for another 10 years or so, possibly driven by and responsible through the auspices of quantum computing.

    Our groups are looking immediately at such esoteric uses as carbon fiber mining along the ocean floor and molecule sourcing in space.

  • This CEO and entrepreneur are working on their laptops building a social media marketing strategy to showing bloggers how to make money on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Teamwork on this promotion will bring lots of sales for their startup.

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    consult management

    The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc has a history of running successful projects online, as well as IRL domestically and internationally.

    Our group, and our participating partners can also tackle hands-on management of projects you wish to own, but not to manage. The Team has been highly rated and has been recognized as “successful project managers” across multiple segments of business.

    The Consultancy can assist you in successfully creating and expanding your business best practices while leveraging your intellectual property. Together, we can expand markets utilizing GCG’s battle-tested business models.

    Just as every brick and mortar business has multiple values, we understand the value inherent if you elect to sell your business, and can advise you on the business aspects of your transactions.

  • “Saints don’t live on Park Avenue.”
    consult finance

    The Consultancy has historically facilitated funding opportunities across retail, franchising, green development, cleantech, biotech, agriculture, software implementation, and large scale retail and mixed-use development. These successes include master-planned developments domestically and internationally in real estate holdings, and in multi-family housing.

    Our talented partner group creates growth opportunities and secures Blockchain development where appropriate to track transactions forward and backward.

    We seek out available tax-deferred programs, and recommend that clients minimize taxable liability wherever possible, including working through Opportunity Zone Funding, and in New Market Development Funding through our partners in Avenir Opportunity Fund, LLC, and AD&G Development Group, LLC, and in permanent placement through Bast Holdings, LLC.

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